Frequently Asked Questions

Here I'll try to address many of the common questions I get from coaches.  If you still can't find the answer you are searching for, do not hesitate to reach out.

What is Science Olympiad about?

I've described many of the aspects of Olympiad on the Getting Started page on this website.

How many teams can I have?

In Missouri Region 7, a single school can have up to three teams of 15 students, per division.  Also, see the Your Team tab on the Getting Started page.

Example: MSU Middle School hosts grades 5-6, MSU Junior High hosts 7-9, and MSU High School hosts 10-12. The MSU school system may have three B Division teams comprised of students from MSU Middle School and MSU Junior High, and three C Division teams from MSU Junior High and MSU High School.

Can my teams share students?

No. A student may be on a maximum of one team competing in a Science Olympiad competition.

What grades does each division encompass?

B Division is grades 6-9; C Division is grades 9-12.  See the membership rules at the beginning of the annual rules manual for details and restrictions. Also, see the Your Team tab on the Getting Started page.

Do I register my team for Region VII?

If your school is located in any of the counties listed below, you will be in Region VII. Otherwise, check the state website for your correct Regional Competition.

Region 7 Map by county

Region 7 hosts the following counties:

  • Barry

  • Barton

  • Cedar

  • Christian

  • Dade

  • Dallas

  • Douglas

  • Greene

  • Howell

  • Jasper

  • Lawrence

  • McDonald

  • Newton

  • Ozark

  • Polk

  • Stone

  • Taney

  • Texas

  • Vernon

  • Webster

  • Wright

Where can I find a list of this year's events?

There is a list of all the events on the Events section of this website, which links to the official rules from Nationals. Additionally, the national website has online .pdf rules manuals which are available for free download.

When is Science Olympiad?

The Region VII competition is usually held on a Saturday in February, every year.  The exact date is usually announced formally in early October, after all possible scheduling conflicts have been resolved.

The State competition is usually held in April, also on a Saturday. Check the state website for more details.

Where is Science Olympiad?

Our competition in Region VII is held on the campus of Missouri State University. Read more about our venue in the Campus Info.

How do I register my team?

You must register your team in two places to compete in the Region VII tournament. 

First, you must pay your dues to the state office. You will go through several steps, including paying a registration fee and filling out paperwork (team info, waivers, etc.). This is required to participate in regionals.

Once you have been cleared by the state office, you will need to register your team for our regional competition. This registration is for the actual competition, and you will be reserving your times for each event you plan to participate in competition day.

For more info, see the Your Team tab of the Getting Started page of this website.

I can't find how to register my team! Where is the registration page?

Registration for this region isn't open until late October, or early November. This leaves several months to select your sessions before registration is closed two weeks prior to the competition.  When is online, there will be links to B Division Registration and C Division Registration on the Registration page of this website.

How can I change my registration? I need to add/drop/swap sections I have already registered for.

Please do not re-register!  Instead, contact the regional director and I will change it for you.

I don't see the time I want in the dropdown menu on the registration page. Is this an error?

Most likely, no.  I keep track of events sections and remove them from registration as they fill to capacity.  Registration works on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If you are concerned about getting a specific schedule, register early!

I didn't get a registration confirmation. Am I registered?

I send a .pdf of your team's schedule when I process your registration. I still manually update registrations for Region VII, so you might not see a confirmation immediately.  As we move closer to the competition, I start checking registrations more frequently. If you haven't heard from me and you think you should have, feel free to contact me about the status of your registration.