Event List

Events are divided into B Division and C Division, for middle-school and high-school teams respectively. Each division has 23 events, which may be shared across divisions. Most events are designed for up to two students and, while a single student can participate, he or she will be at a disadvantage. With only 15 students to a team, scheduling your team can certainly be challenging.

Typically, one group of two students should train in 3-4 events. (15 students/2 per event = 7.5 groups; 23 events/7.5 group = 3.07 events per group) Once registration has opened for the upcoming competition, you will be able to select one of several sections for each event. Carefully choosing non-overlapping sections in which your groups have been training is going to crucial to your team's success overall.

The events below came from the National SO Websites 2023 Event Table. If you select one of the events the link should take you to the official National SO event page with information regarding that event.

The YouTube playlist below is taken from the official Science Olympiad website, and gives several examples of what an event looks like: