Campus Information

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The entirety of Region VII's Science Olympiad cometition is held on Missourui State University's main campus in Springfield, and is hosted by MSU's College of Natural and Applied Sciences.

Registration, team Crash Sites, and student drop-off/pick-up are located at Strong Hall. Events are held across campus, but are almost always at one of the following locations:

  • Kemper Hall
  • McDonald Arena
  • Temple Hall
  • ROTC Field (just North of Meyer Library

Plaster Student Union will be open the day of the tournament, and offers a variety of amenities such as an ATM and restaurants.

Campus Map

I have put together a bite-sized map for Olympiad for students and coaches, with only the small portion of campus most-used during the competition.  Download and review a Science Olympiad campus map .pdf.

Alternatively, Missouri State University offers an online map for those unfamiliar with campus. You can search via the map below, or view the full-sized map. A copy the the bite-sized map (one for every participant and coach) is included in the packet teams recieve at registration.