Tournament Day

Olympiad REgistration

Competition Times

Please note - the below times are fairly consistent, but there is a chance that minor adjustments can be made. If adjustments are made they will be posted here.

Registration in Strong Hall is from 7:00am-8:00am.

Impound runs from 7:45am-8:30am at the event location.

Events are held across campus from 8:30am-1:35pm.

Information to help you prepare and make the best of your day at Missouri State University.

Coaches will receive an information packet at registration with the session rosters for their team, schedules, impound info, maps, and other general info. Much of the information is detailed below.

  • PARKING: Buses may drop students off in the circle drive in front of Strong Hall on Holland Ave, south of Madison St, and then park in lots 39, 51, and 52.  Other vehicles may park in lots 4, 18, 19, 22, and Bear Park South. Review a map of MSU's parking lots.
  • TEAM CHECK-IN: The entire team must report together as a group to Strong Hall in the central 1st floor stairwell where all team members and their coach will be escorted to the 2nd floor. Only one team is allowed in the banding room at a time (even if they are from the same school). In the banding rooms coaches will submit the 5 required forms and students will receive a wristband. They cannot participate without these. No exceptions. Event leaders will take roll in each event room and students will ONLY be allowed to compete in the session in which they are enrolled.
  • CRASH SITES: Locate the room in Strong Hall where your team will meet, and students will “hang out” between events. This site must be in the Strong Hall; no crash sites are allowed in other buildings. After registration closes, crash sites will be posted in the "Announcements" feed on the homepage.
  • There is NO allowance for student alternates at the Regional tournament.
  • OPEN SESSIONS: Teams should try to sign up for open events between 7:45 and 8:30 AM.  Anyone from your team may do this, and sign-up sheets will be posted at the event location.  Open sessions are first-come, first served, and teams that fail to sign up will NOT receive extra time.
  • IMPOUND: Students competing in events that require a device to be impounded will take their device to the site of the event and check in with the event coordinator. All devices must be permanently labeled with team and school name and must be impounded prior to the 8:30am start of the event.
  • FOOD: Plaster Student Union will be open the day of the tournament to allow coaches, parents, and team members to eat on campus. The Student Union offers a variety of restaurants for you to choose from.
  • QUESTIONS: Room 205 on the 2nd floor of Strong Hall will serve as the administrative center for the tournament. There will also be volunteers in each building that can contact the Director by phone.