Science Olympiad

Region VII Tournament Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019

Registration Deadline: February 9th

Welcome to our Region VII Science Olympiad!

Science Olympiad is a multi-disciplinary science competition for high-school and middle-school students from southwest Missouri. See the most recent announcements below or explore the other pages for more information about our competition.


Registration at the State level is being revamped for the 2019 season. Please visit the new Missouri Science Olympiad site to register your team with the state.  Due to some limitations of this new system, we'll be using the same registration system as last year for regionals.


New: For those not yet registered, the deadline for registration is two weeks prior to the tournament, Feb 9th.


Registration is now open!


The tournament date for Region VII has been set! Please put Saturday, February 23, 2019 on your calendars!

Check out the FAQ page.  I'll try to update this throughout the season.

The 2019 rules are now online! You can access them via the National Website Store, or download your division's specific rules below:


Welcome to the 2019 Olympiad season! Please be patient while the information is updated to reflect the new season.

The state coach's clinic has been scheduled for August 25th for those that wish to attend. Visit Missouri Science Olympiad for more details.

Want to contribute?

The Region VII Science Olympiad tournament operates primarily on a small donation from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Missouri State University.

If you would like to support the young minds in your area by contributing donations through the Missouri State University Foundation, please contact Ben Dalton for more information.